I'm a third year math PhD student at Caltech working with Nikolai Makarov. My research interests lie primarily within in geometric function theory, complex analysis, and complex dynamics. I graduated from Cornell University in 2021 with a BA in Mathematics. See my CV for more information.


Journal Publications

An Elementary Proof of Poincaré’s Last Geometric Theorem

Andrew J. Graven, John H. Hubbard

PUCP Pro Mathematica, vol. 31(62), 2021, pp. 61-93

Conference Publications

A Rapid Method for Orbital Coverage Statistics With J2 Using Ergodic Theory

Andrew J. Graven, Alan H. Barr, Martin W. Lo

AAS Space Flight Mechanics Meeting, 2021

Density of States Graph Kernels

Leo Huang, Andrew J. Graven, David Bindel

SIAM International Conference on Data Mining, 2021 Apr

The Long-Term Forecast of Station View Periods for Elliptical Orbits

Andrew J. Graven, Martin W. Lo

Astrodynamics Specialist Conference, AAS, Portland, ME, 2019 Aug


Generalized Quadrature Domains

Andrew J. Graven

KIAS Random Matrices and Related Topics in Jeju, 2024